"I Didn't Know Naturalista Meant White"

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A few weeks ago, when Naturalista Daily launched, we coined our definition of the term “Naturalista”. On our social media you will find photos of women of different ethnicities, shades, cultures, etc. Well, recently we were approached by a young lady who was obviously offended by our showcasing a white woman on our Instagram account. She stated “I didn’t know naturalista meant white.” She then proceeded to say that our platform should be a page highlighting women of color only. She felt that there is enough Eurocentric beauty standards and that white women are being praised everywhere.

While we understand where she is coming from, we have to disagree. Naturalista Daily is a platform created for women by women. We are dedicated to women who live a “Naturalista” lifestyle loving and embracing their natural beauty. We aim to empower women regardless of ethnicity. There are plenty of platforms that encourage and support African American women and women of color and we are one of those pages, but we support ALL women. The more we feed into racial barriers, the more we help to continue to build them up and cause a divide. We believe that a Naturalista is a female who takes pride in herself…whichever hair type, ethnicity, or skin color she may identify with. She loves and accepts herself because she understands and celebrates the beauty of her natural anatomy. So, NO, Naturalista does not mean white. But yes, a white woman can identify as a naturalista.

What are your thoughts, naturalistas? We would love to read your input in the comments. <3

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