Dear Ayesha Curry

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Thank you! Thank you for speaking your mind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts via social media. Thank you for beating the stereotype of the “typical baller’s wife”. Thank you for beating the stereotype of being a ratchet, uneducated black woman. Thank you for being a role model, for being a great example of a young, educated black woman…lady, wife and mom. Thank you for showing other women and girls that there is nothing wrong with being modest. For showing us that there is nothing wrong with saving their bodies for that one special person. Thank you for being yourself and showing us that it’s okay to be ourselves to.

We live in a world where the word “slut” is a term of endearment, strippers get songs written about them, and a woman who “keeps the good stuff covered up for the one who matters” i.e. her husband is shaded. That’s not your fault. It just shows how far LEFT feminism has really gone. It has become the norm…a trend for women to wear scantily clad clothing. In fact, in high school I was “shaded” for choosing a crew neck over a deep v-neck. Petty, but true. Mothers who choose to breastfeed their children in public are given the side-eye, but the woman at the store wearing her bikini top and shorts is praised.

We live in a world where my husband deleted his Instagram because half naked selfies is the norm and he doesn’t want to see any woman’s body except for his wife. A world where when he goes into Starbucks, he can’t look the cashier in the eye without wanting to say, “How does it feel to know that I along with plenty of other men have seen your body on social media and we don’t even know your name?” and feeling unsettled and disgusted that her response would be, “Well did you like what you saw?”.

So…thank you Mrs. Curry for sharing your views on Twitter to show other women like you and I that we are not alone. Thank you for making women uncomfortable. Hopefully you’ve started a new trend. Class is in. But then again, maybe not. I mean you’re just a beautiful, educated, married woman with 2 gorgeous kids. Which makes you a threat….at least to them anyway.

Nonetheless, thank you for keeping class alive.


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