Jamaican Mango & Lime Pure Naturals Review

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I had the opportunity to try out the Jamaican Mango & Lime Pure Naturals line in the June Naturalista Daily subscription box and I have to admit I was pretty excited! I love to test out different products on my hair and give honest reviews on them. The first thing that caught my eye about this line was that it is blended with all natural ingredients. I normally tend to go for products that have coconut oil and this line not only included that but also hibiscus, coconut milk, and honey. All of these ingredients are a natural's best friend! The box contained a shampoo, deep conditioner, hair lotion, and castor oil. I was a little disappointed that it came with a shampoo and not a conditioner but I made it work. The shampoo surprised me because it was very silky, moisturizing, and gave a really great lather. I am used to shampoos that are really drying but this shampoo helped melt the tangles right out of my hair. The deep conditioner deserves a moment of silence because when I popped open the top I immediately smelled mango and that is a different scent than a lot of other products that are on the market right now. The deep conditioner added a lot of moisture back to my hair and that is something I look for in a hair product. I knew that I wanted to use the hair lotion in a braid out to see if it locked the moisture in my hair and it did! I braided my hair into two braids overnight and hoped for the best. I have to be honest the hair lotion did not have as strong of a scent as the other products but overall it was a good product. I used a little castor oil to help with frizz when taking down my braids and I loved that it was blended with coconut oil for a little extra scent. My hair felt very soft and was so shiny! Would I recommend these products? Absolutely! You can tell that this company really cares about what they put in their products and my hair loved them! You can check out the tutorial of me using these products below:


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