Naturalista of the Month


Kristina Smith

What’s your name? Kristina Smith

How old are you? 25

Hometown? Louisville, Kentucky

Occupation? Student

Hobbies? Testing out and reviewing products for my YouTube channel, working out at the gym, and teaching my son new things. 

What makes you a “Naturalista”? Being a Naturalista is a lifestyle and I believe that it starts from within. I love and accept who I am from the inside out and that plays a major role in my everyday life. I live for spreading positivity to others and sharing my knowledge on all things natural. I try to influence others and let them know that it is okay to rock your natural hair and leave the house with no makeup on. We are all beautiful no matter what we look like or where we come from and no one should ever feel afraid to be their true natural self. 

Anything else you’d like us to know? I am currently in school to become a licensed Esthetician because skincare and makeup are my passion. 

Social Media handles:

Instagram: @k_moniquebeauty


We’re looking for fun, unique, intelligent, and beautiful women! Our definition of the term naturalista is:  A womxn who takes pride in herself. Whichever hair type, ethnicity, or skin color she may identify with, she loves and accepts herself because she understands and celebrates the beauty of her natural anatomy.

If that sounds like you, please send in a brief bio and 3-4 fabulous photos to